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Women's Fund Members' Survey

Our first Women’s Fund Members' survey is an important part of ensuring we stay relevant and focused on our objectives, and in touch with what our valued members want the fund to do and achieve.

Thank you for taking the time to participate.

This survey should take no longer than 5-10 mins to complete.


Our community.
1. Thinking about your reasons for contributing to the Women’s Fund, please tell us how much these apply:
To meet women with similar interests in philanthropy
To be more hands on with my giving
To learn about women's giving and the needs of women
I want to support women and children in our community
It meets my desire to help girls and women
Other (please specify)
2. How do you keep in touch with what we are doing? Please select all that apply.
Other (please specify)
3. What has been the best experience of being part of the Women's Fund?
Other (please specify)
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4. Have you attended any of our events since we got underway in mid-2017?
5. If you haven't attended any of the events, could you please tell us why?
6. How would you rate the events you have attended overall, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent?
Any additional comments?
7. Our events to date have been roughly quarterly. How often would you like to meet? *
8. If you have to choose between the following two, what is your preferred timing for events? *
8. How could we improve our events and make them more valuable for you? *
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10. How often would you like us to communicate with you via email? *
11. In addition to email, Facebook and LinkedIn are the key channels we have used to date. Please can you indicate your preference(s).
Other (please specify)
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Our 2018 Awards - The strength of women to make change happen.
In this, our first year, we chose to focus on women changemakers in honour of the 125th suffrage anniversary. We made ten awards of $2,000 each, and held a day of learning an inspiration for all nominees. The day was rated very highly by all attendees.
12. Would you be interested to meet with the Awards winners at an event in the future and hear about how they have benefited from the Women’s Fund? *
13. Is the support of grassroots changemakers who are improving the lives of women and girls something you would like to see the Women’s Fund continue to support? *
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Looking forward to 2019.
14. We would like to know if there is a particular area you would be interested to learn about and fund in 2019.
Other (please specify)
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And finally.
15. What has been the most surprising or unexpected experience of your involvement with the Women’s Fund? *
16. If there was one thing that we could do to make the Women’s Fund even better, what would it be? *
Thank you.
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Surname *
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Date *