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Easy. Efficient.

Effective. And Local.

Why Auckland Foundation?

Giving through Auckland Foundation is a unique and simple way to make a difference in Auckland.

In this city, known for prosperity and opportunity, there are sadly many Aucklanders left in the margins, struggling to enjoy all that Auckland has to offer.

We receive gifts, handover trusts, legacies and community organisation endowments, as well as business giving. We invest these in perpetuity and the income generated is distributed according to the donor’s wishes.

With our deep knowledge of philanthropy and Auckland, we ensure your gift goes to where it is most needed and where you want it to have impact.

Community foundation benefits.


What is a Community Foundation?

Community Foundations are a 100-year-old worldwide movement and the fastest growing form of philanthropy globally. Currently there are over 1,800 around the world and they are the giving option of choice for both big donors like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg, through to the humble guy next door.

The popularity of community foundations is due to their simplicity, and commitment to donor’s wishes. We take care of compliance and administrative matters, investment and governance. Donors can be as involved as they want to be, with many delighting in focusing on the giving and the benefits their gift will bring. We make philanthropy easy and rewarding.

Being place based, community foundations have great local insights and are in a unique position to provide advice on effective giving. As a not for profit, we are built around a cost recovery model so we maximise the impact of every dollar given.

Our Credentials

  • Eight years of quietly working alongside donors, building an intimate knowledge of Auckland communities.
  • Expertise in reaching grassroots charities and organisations that lie below the radar.
  • Trusted alike by organisations, individuals and established philanthropists as an experienced grant maker.
  • Already granting approximately $1 million across Auckland each year.
  • Working with the best performing fund manager in NZ – Harbour Asset Management.
  • An astute and experienced Board, with the right skill mix to provide professional governance.
  • A member of Community Foundations of NZ and Philanthropy NZ.
  • Proud to be Auckland’s community foundation – your foundation.

The community foundation movement.

Who We Support.

As a donor advised Foundation, we bring to life our donors’ wishes, supporting the projects and causes they are passionate about.

This varies widely including looking after the health of our harbour, helping refugee teenagers grow in confidence, supporting talented young people through scholarships, and building fundamental skills through budgeting services and adult literacy. We currently distribute approximately $1 million in grants that help thousands of people to enjoy their city, celebrate its diversity, live well and support young Aucklanders to reach their potential.

Live Well.

Together we can make Auckland a place where we all live well.


Together we can support and nurture tomorrow’s Aucklanders.


Together we make our city and environment, one we can all actively enjoy.


Together we can celebrate and support our city’s talent, diversity and heritage.